Feel Free to Cut Your Hair

It’s anything but difficult to fall back on a sheltered style that you know works for you, however that additionally implies it’s similarly simple to feel like you’re in a hair trench. To assist you with feeling great hacking off some length, here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t be reluctant to cut your hair — regardless of whether it’s shaving it Stranger Things-style, going for a weave, or simply plunging your toe with certain layers.

 It becomes back

I know it’s adage to state, however it’s valid. For whatever length of time that you have hair that develops long enough that a sensational cut is a choice, it’ll develop back to being well before you know it. (In the event that you experience difficulty with hair development or misfortune, and are stressed over it developing back, click here to find out about what can trigger hair development and cause hair misfortune, here for how to develop it out, and here for how to look for a wig.)

It’s engaging

There’s something adrenaline-boosting about sitting in the salon chair and envisioning at least five inches tumbling to the floor. But on the other hand there’s something exceptionally invigorating about the whole experience. Like, it’s your hair, hell, and you can do what you need with it!

It’s energizing

Once in a while styling the equivalent lewk can be super-exhausting, which is the reason whenever you cut your hair, you ought to be psyched to step out of the chair with a crisp victory, realizing you put your best self forward. So don’t be reluctant to switch up your style — or in any event, attempt blasts! I realize change is terrifying — and the tension you experience when considering, not to mention really slashing off your hair, is genuine — yet it can likewise be thrilling on the off chance that you take a gander at losing length through a progressively positive, as opposed to negative, focal point.

Your hair doesn’t characterize you

You characterize you. Indeed, your companions may do a twofold take when they first observe you in your new harvest, however that doesn’t mean they don’t remember you or that you’ve changed as an individual.

You may feel increasingly good in your new style

In case you’re open and down for switching up your style, you may really find that you sense that yourself or similarly as agreeable in your new look than you felt in your past style. In any case, you’ll never know until you attempt! Take Jennifer Hudson, for instance, who ventured out from pixie to buzz cut previously and looked furious the two different ways:

Your accomplice will at present like you, so don’t stress over their information. You’re simply the person who’s looking in the mirror ordinary, so on the off chance that you need to attempt a long weave, do it! Time and again I hear young ladies state, “However my sweetheart doesn’t care for short hair.” Well, except if your person is dating you since you have long hair — in which case I profoundly recommend assessing your relationship — I state put it all on the line! Since YOLO.

Your hair will in all likelihood look more advantageous subsequent to rolling out an improvement.

I’m not saying your hair looks terrible now, however in some cases you can clutch a style for such a long time that it winds up looking stringy and more slender at the closures. Take Cosmopolitan.com’s supervisor Amy Odell for instance: Amy revealed to me that she cut her hair since “it looked nauseating” and she didn’t need the length any longer. Amy has fine hair, and keeping in mind that she looks extraordinary with long hair, her new shorter cut suits her strands better. It makes them look thicker and more full. See with your own eyes!

You will figure out how to style your new look, however you need to inquire as to whether you don’t as of now have a clue how. Shorter hair is more diligently to style, I’ll give you that — particularly since longer hair can be meshed, hurled into a braid or topknot, and tied in a low bun. Be that as it may, an opportunity accompanies not exclusively approving of losing your length however having less hair to manage every day. You simply need to ensure you have a decent beautician. Here’s the reason that is significant: (1) Your mane lady or man should consider your way of life, and give you a cut that you feel good styling on the ordinary, and (2) they should show you how to style it, so you leave their chair positive about your new ‘do.

In case you’re not used to your cut immediately, you may very well need seven days. The underlying stun of getting your hair cut can be overpowering, however allow it a week or so to give it a chance to develop out a bit, and you may wind up loving it more. In any case, if it’s been two weeks you’re still not into it — perhaps it’s the aftereffect of a terrible cut — you can generally return to your beautician and request that they work with you on a fix. Recall that, they need you to be upbeat, particularly since you’re a mobile announcement for the beautician you go to. So don’t be reluctant to return to them and compassionately reveal to them what disliking.

Despite everything you’ll be/feel/look provocative. It may have been engrained in your mind en route that long hair rises to provocative, yet it’s 2016, individuals, and any sort of style is hot as long as you feel hot in it! Who knows, you may even love getting your hair cut (like this little person!) subsequent to being daring enough to attempt it once!


Best Makeup Products For You

I’m a makeup addict and a delight proofreader (otherwise known as I’m immersed with dispatches to survey day by day—no, I’m not grumbling). It just unquestionably adds another level to the battle of discovering products that genuine work. To make the procedure somewhat less excruciating for all of us, however, I chose to truly plunk down and swatch, swipe, and test everything for the sake of finding the best makeup products that are really worth spending money on. Ahead are the best 20 I could discover—these incorporate the entirety of my top choices from 2019 (up until this point), going from an enduring lip stain to a can’t-survive without bronzer. Continue perusing to find the new magnificence staples you have to add to your makeup sack ASAP. Try not to stress, you can say thanks to me later.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Exactly when you thought this faction most loved tinted lotion couldn’t beat that… it effing did. With a fresh out of the box new equation that propelled for the current year (with super saturating fixings, similar to macadamia oil), and an extended shade run (favor!), you have to put this all over RIGHT NOW. It gives you that ideal, sheer, no makeup look with a smidgen of included shine.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette

You know how some of the time you’ll swipe on a shadow and it scarcely even appears? Yea, you won’t need to stress over that with this eyeshadow palette. Excellence influencer, Jackie Aina, collabed with Anastasia Beverly Hills to make a palette with crazy shading result that is likewise simple to expand on. There’s additionally 14 shadows, from matte completions to metallic, that you can use to make any find you dream.

Macintosh Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick

I don’t think about you yet my establishment slides off my face by noon and I look genuine startling. In this way, since I would prefer not to convey an enormous suppress of fluid establishment to contact during the day, I toss this establishment stick in my pack. The recipe is extremely blendable and it abandons a matte completion that won’t dry your skin out or subside into your scarce differences.

Advantage Cosmetics Brow Styler

This temples pencil transformed me—truly, WTF would i say i was doing before this existed?? It’s a two-in-one eyebrow pencil and powder that shapes and fills your foreheads. I utilize mine to make a progressively characteristic look, yet in case you’re into striking temples this pencil will take care of business. Goodness, and it goes on for a considerable length of time—like, until you wash your makeup off around evening time.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Busy Gal Gloss

Ask any individual who knows me, however I loooove a decent lip shine. I’ll wear only it or toss it on over a lipstick to include some sheen. Also, this lip shine from Tarte is outstanding amongst other I’ve attempted all year. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing lip gleam—I know, appears to be outlandish, correct? It’s lightweight, hydrating (much appreciated, nutrient E), and in view of the vanilla in the recipe, it smells wonderful enough to eat (pls don’t do that, however).

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation

I was at that point fixated on Fenty Beauty’s matte establishment, so I couldn’t hold back to evaluate this new hydrating establishment—and it didn’t frustrate. It gives you full inclusion with a characteristic completion that doesn’t cake. It’s likewise stuffed with grape-seed oil, with leaves you with a dewy, however not sleek, sparkle.

Clove and Hallow FlexLash Mascara

This brutality free and veggie lover mascara is a fantasy. The flimsy equation secures your hairs without burdening them, and the short fibers can snatch and cover even your littlest of lashes.

Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip + Cheek

Along these lines, in fact, this can be utilized on your cheeks and your lips, making it a two-in-one (otherwise known as a success win). In case you’re going for the bb holy messenger sent from above gleam, this should be your go-to redden stick. It’s overly simple to utilize—simply swipe it onto your cheeks (or lips) and utilize your fingers to mix it in. You will be fixated on the sheer shading tint abandoned.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid Eyeliner

The tip of this fluid eyeliner is so sharp it could genuinely prick your finger. Joking, be that as it may, genuinely—it’s exact and skims on like nothing else, so you won’t need to worry about pulling or pulling. In addition, the shading result is a 10/10 and the waterproof equation goes on for quite a long time.

Becca Glow Silk Highlighter Drops

Terrified of utilizing a fluid highlighter? Try not to be, it’s very simple. Apply a few drops of this one on the high purposes of your face (cheekbones, sanctuaries, and the scaffold of the nose) and mix. The outcome? A weightless, pigmented shine that will have individuals halting abruptly.


Best Lipstick Brands in the World

I was never into cosmetics items like I am presently. It’s been right around a long time since I initially began gathering cosmetics and found out about the strategies and instruments to be utilized. It’s certainly something that interests me a great deal and now I wind up spending a ton of my cash on it.

As I got increasingly more into it, I likewise made sense of how certain brands are better with specific items or straightforward things like timeframes of realistic usability of an item and how to spend less cash on things like Mascara which can just last you a limit of 3 months and more on items with a more extended time span of usability.

My unequaled most loved make up items would need to be a decent concealer, a voluminousness mascara and a splendid lipstick! These are 3 things that I can’t live without. I have gathered many lipsticks-some top of the line and some medication store, throughout the years. Here are my best 5 lipstick brands :-


They make such astonishing items at such reasonable costs. I love their lip items! I claim a couple of their lipsticks and Pink Petal is by a wide margin my preferred shade from Maybelline. They cost some place around Rs.300 and smell astounding (on the off chance that you care for that). The bundling is okay, not my most loved but rather it works out. With everything taken into account you get more than what you pay for and in the event that you are a lipstick darling like me, you should attempt these!


Revlon is such an astounding brand just by and large. I love their mascaras, their nail cleans, their lip gleams and obviously the lipsticks! They make some totally magnificent completes in perfect hues. They run anyplace between Rs.400-600 and as a rule have a smooth dark bundling. My most loved Revlon hues must be Coral and Pink Pout. Them two look exquisite on a skin tone like dig and remain on for a decent measure of time! So next time you’re at the shopping center remember to look at the Revlon counter!

( I can hardly wait for their Lip Butters to dispatch in India. I grabbed two of them on my ongoing Holiday and I totally love them!)


Macintosh by a wide margin has the most stunning shading range the extent that lipsticks go. They do around 5 completes out of which Amplified and Creme sheen’s are my top picks! Everytime I go to a Mac store, I need to purchase more lipsticks! It’s sort of an issue. Be that as it may, they are so astonishing. In addition to the fact that they have a smooth bundling and heavenly smell they are additionally saturating and keep going on my lips for a respectable measure of time. The darker hues will in general remain on better however. They are evaluated at Rs.990 except if they are from a restricted release assortment. My top choices would need to Impassioned, Russian Red and Chatterbox. Do attempt them on the off chance that you love wearing lipsticks and need to put resources into some great one’s. Macintosh additionally has a back to macintosh strategy, in which you can reclaim 6 void item holders and receive a Free lipstick consequently! Extra focuses!


Chanel is one of my preferred corrective brands. Their items smell so wonderful and each time I use Chanel items, it just makes me more joyful. Their lipsticks are not the best but rather they are really great. I am not a major enthusiast of their completions and shading palettes however from time to time I do discover a shade I love. They cost around Rs.2000 and are unquestionably not something I enjoy constantly! Their lip shines are really amazing as well. Pluses, they are super saturating, smell SO wonderful and I love the bundling. Minuses, over evaluated.


OK so these 2 brands rank the equivalent for me! They are both astonishing and cost the least out of the considerable number of brands I’ve referenced previously. I love the Nyx Matte lipsticks and their Soft Matte lip Creams! I had requested such a large number of from www.beautyjoint.com( btw, you can get a rebate on this site on the off chance that you utilize the code-STYLEDRIVE at checkout) a year ago and from that point forward I have gotten a compliment each and every time I’ve worn them face to face or even in my outfit posts! Their bundling is entirely great yet what I love the most is the shading pay off of their lipsticks! Another stunning thing is that their Matte lipsticks are not drying not at all like most brands. Great stuff!

With respect to Colorbar, I possess 3 of their lipsticks and they are for the most part so great! Not a major aficionado of their bundling but rather I love their wide scope of hues and the way that they are so reasonable! My preferred shade would need to be Smokey Rose.

So these are my best 5 most loved lipstick/lip item marks! Which is your preferred lipstick brand? I love lipsticks and I appreciate attempting new shades constantly, so leave a remark beneath and let me know whether know about a shade that you figure I should attempt!